Randoons Team

The people that make Randoons what it is. All the creative minds that go into the shop.

Randoons Team

Randoons Randi.jpg

Owner Randi Lamb.

With a love of visual display and design,

and a need to always create something new. Randi puts her heart & soul into every aspect of running the shop.


Sapphira Mclaughlin.

Store manager and photographer.

She has a great eye for fashion and we are so lucky to

have her helping run

the shop.

Sapphira is also a professional lifestyle photographer.

Ryelan 6th Birthday-72.jpg

Shannon Mages.

You can see Shannon working most of our

special Events.

Along with being a writer she has teamed up with Randi on planning many parties for the shop as well as birthdays, weddings, and their own Jewelry line (Folklore & Fairytales)


Ryelan Lamb.

Our youngest little fashionista.

With a great sense of style and a hard working personality you can find her occasionally helping out at the store.

In Oct. of 2016 Ryelan opened Ryelan's Frocks and Frills a mini shop inside Randoons that caters to girls ages 5 to 12.


Vicki Demar.

A great Customer turned team member.

Vicki Knows fashion and can help with any styling question you have.