Re-branding Randoons


About our name:

Since the beginning I have had so many people help me to make this store possible. This is why I wanted to change our name to acknowledge all the people who have helped, and continue to help, to make this dream come true. This store is made up of so many people working together, adding “and Co.” let everyone know it’s not just about me, the owner. We are a family.

 From my mom, who let me live rent-free when I started “Randoons,” to my cousins who have worked with me to develop new ideas and get our message across. I've had customers who started shopping with me from the beginning and I've loved sharing this journey with them. Everyone has been an essential part of this journey. I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. My greatest joy has come with the addition of my daughter’s own section to the store, Ryelan’s Frocks & Frills. Together, we all make up Randoons and Co.